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Available in these styles: Box-Stitch and Four Seasons styles to the standard Channel style.These duvets are made an equal blend of fluffy duck down and small feathers: a feather duvet with quite a. high down content for softness.Natural fill duvets are either filled with down or down and feather.

When used in pillows, down provides soft adjustable comfort that conforms to your changing sleep positions.We use is the finest down proof fabric from Germany and guaranteed not leak down for the life of the duvet.Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Hungarian Down Comforter Review The line between economy and luxury comforters is defined by subtle differences in material quality and construction.

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We are dedicated to becoming your Online Linen Specialists by building a war.Traditionally been known to be whiter and fluffier with large plumes, Hungarian white goose down has a rich feel and beautiful look like no other type of down.

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It is advisable to use a washable duvet cover keep your comforter cleaner for longer.

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All Our duvets are available in all sizes from Single to California King.

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The perfect down duvet is sure to make sleep that little bit more peaceful, especially if it is made from top quality, allergy tested, and ethically sourced materials.

The geese are grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world.We supply 3 main types of goose down duvets of various sizes specifically catering to your warmth needs throughout the year.We have tried to answer some of the most common questions that people have regarding goose down comforters and luxury bedding.Hungarian goose down comes from Hungary, Polish goose down comes from Poland, Canadian Goose Down comes from Canada, but Siberian goose down apparently comes from everywhere in Europe, or nowhere, depending on how you look at it.Filled with the best high lofting Hungarian White Goose Down and covered in a 400 thread count cotton shell, this duvet will provide comfort for years.

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The Egyptian bedding Hungarian down comforter is a symbol of softness and comfort.

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Geese from this region grow large down clusters due to the extreme temperatures of the Hungarian winter.

Hungarian goose down is a large cluster of down harvested from geese in cold climates.Even better than these are the duvets filled with down from geese bred in the coldest parts of Europe and Canada, eg a Hungarian goose down duvet or our A1 Grade Hungarian goose down duvet.Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter Duvet Insert - King Size, 750 Fill Power, 50 oz Fill Weight, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover.Add a bit of true luxury to your master suite with the Pacific Coast Hungarian down Duvet.We offer a range of duvets and pillows that are suitable for children, from classic duck feather and down to anti-allergy.

Features: Like our other favorite down comforters above, you will get the 700-750 fill power of Hungarian white goose down.

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The most common and best type of fill for natural duvets is goose down.Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Comforters products.