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Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics is sourced directly from farmers in India.

Product Abstract: Castor oil, which is pressed from the seeds of the Castor Bean plant, has been used for health and beauty for millennium.This amazingly versatile oil is an exceptional all round treatment for eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, cuticles and skin, helping to nourish, revitalise and revive.

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Castor oil is an excellent skin hydrating agent because it can easily penetrate deep into skin pores and hair root due to its small molecular weight (unlike most skin care oils, which are very thick and stay on the surface, castor oil nurtures the skin and hair).This may help to explain why it is known to help with the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, or with patchy beards among men.If you were ever forced to swallow castor oil as a child, this may be a pleasant surprise: The high vitamin-E content of that awful-tasting thick oil can work wonders on brittle nails and ragged.Based upon its diversity of usage, it is commonly incorporated into natural formulations for hair, skin, nails and lips.

Externally, castor oil is found in many beauty products and used to nourish hair, skin, and nails.For foot or toenail fungus, soak feet in a basin of water with Epsom salts for about five minutes, and then apply castor oil liberally.Often a minor fungal problem can prevent the growth of hair in these areas, and as castor oil helps to eliminate.

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Castor oil is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

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Each and every one of these ingredients are scientifically proven to promote nail growth, strengthen nails, and hydrate.It has little taste or smell, and causes a slight burning in the throat when swallowed on its own.

Although Biotin is a great product to use for hair growth, the facts are clear in the table above that it does have its limitations.For a month of use you will notice that your bare nails look buffed, are strengthened, their tips will be white and flexible.If you are troubled with a scaly underfoot, especially during winters, castor oil can be applied along with crushed kapur which helps in deep exfoliation and softens the skin of the sole of the foot, advices Dr. Deepali.A 2002 study in Chiba, Japan that was published in Ophthalmology found castor oil eye drops were a safe and effective treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction, a.Here are reviews, before and after photos, and how to use castor oil to erase wrinkles on skin.Castor Oil is extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis).Castor oil for nails, yes castor oil can be used on your nails too and it helps to allow them to grow without breaking, even makes it strong, I made a video on a very simple way how I use Castor.

Folk healers worldwide have used castor oil to treat a wide variety of health conditions for thousands of years.

To promote a healthy scalp, massage on scalp prior to shampooing, or apply it on a Q-tip and spread over the base of eyelashes.

Whether you want to enhance your skin, hair or nails, this oil can help you to make you.Castor oil benefits.In the evening, after removing nail polish, apply castor oil on the nails by massaging gently.Apply a small drop with your finger tip on the area at least 2 or three times a day.

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Castor oil is an effective laxative that comes from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis) and is made by pressing the ripe seeds from the plant once their outer hull has been removed (the hull contains ricin, a poison).This treatment for dry nails also helps to strengthen the nails and protect them from future damage.

You can place some plastic sheet under your feet in order to prevent the oil from affecting your bed sheets or mattress.You can cut them just a little each time so you will not hurt your toenails and steer clear of bleeding.Castor oil for your nails is the best solution I have found so far.Castor oil does indeed have many beneficial applications, including the removal or lightening of scars and blemishes, and also acts as an anti-fungal agent.

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Castor oil for face: Soothes Dry Skin Castor oil helps in relieving dry and patchy skin.Simply soak an unbleached cotton cloth with Castor oil, and wrap it around the infected feet overnight.Castor oil is a unique vegetable oil that has many health benefits when taken orally.

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Castor oil is also useful to treat styes or oil gland infections on the eyelid.

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My nails use to break very easily and let me tell you: the difference is incredible.House products such as dyes, clear coats, waxes, plastics and paint are also used castor oil.It is massaged into nails and calluses, and added to shampoos and conditioners to treat split hairs and add volume.Castor oil has the ability to give strength to the nails and avoid the appearance of anomalies as grooves on the nails, hollow nails, brittle nails or nails that grow poorly.A castor oil pack is created by soaking a cloth in castor oil.This oil is rich in omega fatty acids and is hence commonly used for beauty purposes.